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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Lou Gehrig's disease

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It has been over 3 months since my last post. Not that nothing has happened, but it is getting hard to get things done. My lovely wife,...

"Ramping Up" the Prayer Time!

Summer / Health Update Summer has flown by so fast! I've been able to enjoy a lot of backyard time and am so appreciative of the visits...

Finishing Well

Well, it's been one year since I received the ALS diagnosis on May 27, 2021. Today I am celebrating that: I am alive; my spirits are...

ALS Update and Mother's Day Celebrations!

I apologize for not having updated my blog since January 9th! I know that many of you are concerned that I haven't been well enough to...

November 2021 Milestones!

Here's a picture of an historic milestone marker in Ireland! I was just reading a list of the most important milestones in a person's...

Waiting, waiting, and waiting!

Wow! I can't believe it's been 9 weeks since my last post about my ALS journey. I had originally thought I'd be able to write every...

Olympic Strength with ALS?

I've been watching a lot of the Olympic games over the past week. It's amazing to see the physical strength that can be developed in an...

Things I miss!

Here's a picture of me waterskiing with the Canadian flag on my back on July 1, 2020. With the loss of muscle over the past year,...

Garth's First Post on ALS

It's been four weeks since I received the news that I have ALS. When you have ALS, your brain stops speaking to the nerves that control...

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