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It has been over 3 months since my last post. Not that nothing has happened, but it is getting hard to get things done. My lovely wife, Cathy, is typing this for me!

Fun things happened this Fall:

We had our traditional waterski on Thanksgiving weekend. It was cold, but fun! I was able to drive the boat but I am not driving the boat or car now.

November 6th we celebrated our grandson, Mason's, first birthday. It was a farm themed party so we dressed up like animals.

We had the pleasure of going to the Small Halls Festival in Prescott to see Ashley MacIsaac who is an amazing Canadian fiddler from Cape Breton. It turns out he had a family friend with ALS so we had a chat about that.

Things I am missing:

On September 25 my mom passed away in her 91st year. She was a great woman of faith and my "Faith Over Fear" was inspired by my mom's teaching over the years. Mom's birthday was on Christmas Day. We will miss her this Christmas. Here is a picture of mom and her 6 kids at the farm in Winchester.

I also lost my hairdresser to retirement. I have been seeing Joel Anslow at Hair Ink for over 20 years. My last hair cut with him was in my kitchen. Thanks Joel!

Health Update:

I visited the ALS clinic early November. They say my lung capacity is down to 33%. Not that there is anything wrong with my lungs, it's just the muscles that make the lungs move that aren't working. I am now using a portable breathing machine (Bipap) during the day and at night. My arms and hands are weak. That is why Cathy is typing this. In addition, Cathy often has to cut my food, and sometimes feed me because I can't lift a fork on my own. It is interesting to see our grandson, Mason, be able to be more ambidextrous at 13 months than I am at 62 years! I have a power chair arriving in January.

I am feeling so loved and supported by my wonderful wife, Cathy! She is courageously taking on the responsibility of being my CALS (ALS caregiver). On December 28th we will have been married 32 years. How blessed have I been!

Faith over Fear:

I am still counting on God to provide a healing miracle. So many people are praying for that and I am so appreciative! My favourite scripture these days is Romans 8:11.

Does the Spirit of the one who brought Jesus back to life live in you? Then the one who brought Christ back to life will also make your mortal bodies alive by his Spirit who lives in you.

As we celebrate Christmas, it is about the birth of Jesus. If Jesus hadn't been born on this earth he couldn't have died on the cross to forgive our sins and heal us from our sicknesses. Isaiah 53:5 says that "by Jesus stripes we were healed."

I'm counting on God's Word!

Merry Christmas and Thank you!

I am so thankful for all of the visits I have from friends and family! Also for the meals that you bring to relieve the burden from Cathy. The meals are fantastic and much appreciated.

Thanks for following my blog and for the love you show for me. I've updated the prayer points which you can find on the home page of the website or using this link


May God, the source of hope, fill you with joy and peace through your faith in him. Then you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

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